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Merged Branding Satisfies Both Companies' Clients

Two tech companies merged and later wanted their branding to reflect the combined entity. A3 Research conducted in-depth interviews among engaged customers of each firm, resulting in new branding, advertising and packaging. 

Employee Census Combats Growing Pains

A mid-sized financial institution struggled with growing pains. A3 Research conducted in-person focus groups among the entire employee base -- to understand unresolved issues and to give every employee an opportunity to participate. Employees appreciated being heard and management implemented many of their ideas as a result. 

Small Market; Big Sample Challenge

A small-market airport was losing share to its larger counterpart, despite greater convenience and competitive pricing. It knew its fliers, but lacked competitive information and "the why." To ensure representative market coverage, A3Research conducted mixed method quant research consisting of online (panel, social media-generated and organic) and in-person to understand airport usage, awareness and opportunities.

BAU Despite Staff Turnover

When a small research team's employee resigned, it created a multi-month gap before the right new team member could be identified, vetted and relocated. A3Research seamlessly filled the gap by designing, managing and analyzing numerous initiatives through the firm’s proprietary community -- enabling the remaining manager to continue building momentum and trust throughout the organization.

Longitudinal Study Proves Real-World Tech

A global manufacturer added a safety-enhancing technological breakthrough to its next-gen product. Lab results were promising, but the manufacturer also sought real-world results prior to launch. A3Research designed comprehensive longitudinal research, working directly with the manufacturer and its distributor to secure qualified participation and usage throughout the multi-year product life – before and after official launch. Real-world results were even better than the lab suggested. The product is a top seller and the manufacturer has since added the technology to more product lines.

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