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Ever seeking pearls of wisdom, A3 Research chief research officer Alisa Adamson consistently forges new ground -- even in saturated, competitive markets. Her expertise shines in categories such as services and durable goods – industries where the stakes are higher (incidence is lower, tickets are higher) -- and there’s lots of room for creatively identifying ways to collect, analyze and use consumer and market feedback.


Prior to founding A3 Research in 2010, Adamson served as vice president of market research for Morgan Stanley in New York, and for BB&T in North Carolina. She has also held research and management positions with American Express, Michelin and Heritage Homes.


In addition to 20+ years of marketing, communications and marketing research experience, Adamson’s education includes master of marketing research and bachelor of journalism degrees from The University of Georgia. She continues to mentor MMR students and recent graduates, as well as volunteers at the local animal shelter.

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